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Crescent Toys was a UK toy manufacturer active between 1922 and 1980. Originating in a small workshop in de Beauvoir Crescent, London N1, the company relocated 3 times before the Second World War as the demand for its hollow-cast lead figures grew, ending up in Tottenham N15. Following the war the company turned its attention to diecast toys, the diecasting work being undertaken by nearby firm DCMT (Die Casting Machine Tools). In 1949, taking advantage of development grants, Crescent opened a new factory in Cwmcarn, Wales, and within 2 years all production had transferred there. At around the same time, DCMT split away from Crescent to manufacture and market toys in their own right under the Lone Star brand. As well as diecast vehicles, Crescent's post-war production included toy guns and plastic figures, as well as a version of the TV favourite Muffin The Mule.

Crescent 1290 Maserati 2.5 lite Grand Prix

1290 Maserati 2.5 lite Grand Prix

 38.50  each
Ref: 41723
Crescent 1292 Jaguar D Type

1292 Jaguar D Type

 54.00  each
Ref: 41724