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Dinky Toys Farm and Garden

Dinky 27a Massey-Harris Tractor

27a Massey-Harris Tractor

NEW ARRIVAL  27a or 300
Good, Unboxed

Ref: 33431

Price: 20.50

Dinky 27AK Farm Tractor and Hay Rake

Ref: 33312

Price: 89.00

Dinky 27b Halesowen Harvest Trailer

27b Halesowen Harvest Trailer

Fair, Unboxed

Ref: 33441

Price: 5.00

Dinky 27c Massey Harris Manure Spreader

27c Massey Harris Manure Spreader

NEW ARRIVAL  27c or 321
Good, Unboxed

Ref: 33439

Price: 19.25

Dinky 301 Field Marshall Tractor

301 Field Marshall Tractor

NEW ARRIVAL  27n or 301
Good, Box Fair

Ref: 33427

Price: 78.00

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