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Dinky 27a Massey-Harris Tractor, trade box of 3

Dinky 27a Massey-Harris Tractor, trade box of 3

Ref: 39738

Reservation limit: 30 days
Good, box Good

Price: 142.50

A trade box of three Massey-Harris tractors, in red with black steering wheel, exhaust, and tinplate base and driver's seat. These are earlier issues with black steering columns; later ones were unpainted. Cast metal driver in light brown with pink face. 'MASSEY HARRIS' lettering on the engine cover sides in yellow. The wheels are cast metal with unpainted treads and yellow centres. The front axle carrier may be positioned to steer the tractor, and at the rear is a tinplate hook for coupling a Dinky trailer, hay rake, harrow or other implement.

These tractors are generally good, with a few paint chips. One has more chips on the engine cover and mudguards than the other. Another has a little surface corrosion on the base, and they all have some surface rust on the front axle. The box is good, although there are no internal dividers. The lid has an end label with a price of 4/3 (four shillings and threepence) in pencil, and there is a diagonal label on the top which describes the adjustable front wheels.

Scale: 1:38
Length each: 91mm.
Approx Years: 1948 - 1954
Condition: Good, box Good
Shipping Weight: 512g

27a Massey-Harris Tractor, trade box of 3

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