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Dinky 30h Daimler Ambulance

Dinky 30h Daimler Ambulance

Ref: 38564

30h or 253.
REDUCED PRICE: was 29.50
Reservation limit: 30 days
Good, unboxed

Price: 22.12

This classic Dinky was renumbered from 30h to 253 in 1954. In cream, with red crosses on the sides, and silver grille and headlights. Mottled tinplate base. Red ridged cast hubs, smooth black tyres.

In good condition with light general paint chipping. The axles are rust-free; one of the rear tyres has a split in it, which of course can be hidden behind the wheel arch spats when on display!

Scale: 1:59
Length: 98mm.
Approx Years: 1950 - 1958
Condition: Good, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 161g

30h Daimler Ambulance

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