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Dinky 408 Big Bedford Lorry

Dinky 408 Big Bedford Lorry

Ref: 33339

Rare colour
Fair, box Good

Price: 370.00

This is the scarce variant of the Big Bedford in deep pink with cream-beige dropside body. The headlights, grille and front bumper are silver. The cab has a black tinplate base, and at the rear is a tow hook. The matching cream-beige 'Supertoy' wheels have grey treaded tyres, and there is also a spare tyre slung under the chassis.

This classic Dinky is in fair-to-good played-with condition; there is general paint chipping, particularly on the cab roof and upper edges of the body sides. The spare tyre appears to be original, but the others I think are replacements as they look too clean, and they have also hardened to the point where one of the front ones has started to crack. Better replacements are readily available! The blue and yellow lidded box has some wear around the lid corners, but is bright and otherwise in good shape.

This model was renumbered twice during its production run. From 1952 to 1954 it was 522, then it was renumbered to 922 until it became 408 in 1956. Although the box numbers changed, the number 522 remained cast either on the chassis, or, as in this example, or the underside of the load bed.

A rare chance to acquire this sought-after variant.

Scale: 1:48
Length: 149mm.
Approx Years: 1956 - 1963
Condition: Fair, box Good
Shipping Weight: 309g

408 Big Bedford Lorry

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