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Matchbox King Size K143 Bedford Emergency Van

Matchbox King Size K143 Bedford Emergency Van

Ref: 31604

Good, box Good

Price: 15.00

White, black base, bumpers and grille with silver 'Bedford' lettering. Grey interior with black steering wheel. Pink-red side stripes with red cross on sides and rear, 'Ambulance' in blue on the bonnet. Blue tinted windows and four roof lights, 'glazed' headlights. Black wheels with chrome 5-spoke hubs and suspension.

This model has ingenious 'illuminated' signs on the roof and in the rear window, with lettering that can be switched from blank to orange and back to blank again by pressing down gently on the rear suspension and pushing the model along - no batteries required! When the suspension is released the signs stay as they are. The roof sign reads 'ACCIDENT' on both sides while the rear sign reads 'STOP'.

In good-to-excellent condition and in full working order. There is some paint chipping along the roof gutter and the edges of the bonnet. The box is original and complete with general wear and some discolouration of the inner tray. The window is a little crumpled but not split.

Length: 126mm.
Approx Years: 1987 -
Condition: Good, box Good
Shipping Weight: 401g

K143 Bedford Emergency Van

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