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Matchbox King Size

Orders paid for today will be dispatched on 16 November 2019

Matchbox King Size K4-2 Fruehauf Hopper Train

Ref: 34628

Price: 6.75

Matchbox King Size K7-1 Curtiss-Wright Rear Dumper

Ref: 27923

Price: 12.75

Matchbox King Size K9-2 Claas Combine Harvester

K9-2 Claas Combine Harvester

Model near mint
Excellent, Box Good

Ref: 32282

Price: 45.00

Matchbox King Size K14-1 Jumbo Crane

K14-1 Jumbo Crane

Good, Unboxed

Ref: 30059

Price: 10.25

Matchbox King Size K14-2 Scammell Freightliner

K14-2 Scammell Freightliner

Super Kings
Good, Unboxed

Ref: 33191

Price: 5.50

Matchbox King Size K15-2 Londoner Bus 'Carnaby Street'

K15-2 Londoner Bus 'Carnaby Street'

Super Kings
Excellent, Box Poor

Ref: 29986

Price: 8.00

Matchbox King Size K25-2 Digger and Plough

K25-2 Digger and Plough

Super Kings
Excellent, Box Poor

Ref: 35352

Price: 15.00

Matchbox King Size K32 Shovel Nose

K32 Shovel Nose

Speed Kings
Good, Box Fair

Ref: 28464

Price: 5.25

Matchbox King Size K38-2 Dodge Ambulance

K38-2 Dodge Ambulance

Excellent, Unboxed

Ref: 32085

Price: 32.00

Matchbox King Size K66 Jaguar XJ12

K66 Jaguar XJ12

Bulgarian Issue
Excellent, Box Fair

Ref: 34137

Price: 26.00

Matchbox King Size K143 Bedford Emergency Van

K143 Bedford Emergency Van

Good, Box Good

Ref: 31604

Price: 18.50

Matchbox King Size K146 Jaguar XJ6

K146 Jaguar XJ6

Super Kings
Excellent, Box Excellent

Ref: 34152

Price: 11.75

Matchbox King Size K2004 Rocket Striker

K2004 Rocket Striker

Adventure 2000 Series
Good, Unboxed

Ref: 33881

Price: 19.00

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