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Price Drop Auction

Welcome to the Auction! The price of each item will be reduced gradually, until it is sold or the reserve price is reached. If an item reaches its reserve price, it will remain on sale at that price. The reduction amount and interval are shown next to each item.

New items will be added to the auction frequently, so don't forget to keep an eye on it!

Britains 104V Garage Set

104V Garage Set

AUCTION: Started at 170.00, NOW 131.00
Price will drop by 1.00 every 2 days
Good, box Good

Ref: 25843

Price: 131.00

Dinky 154 Hillman Minx

154 Hillman Minx

AUCTION: Started at 120.00, NOW 113.00
Price will drop by 1.00 every 5 days
Excellent, box Good

Ref: 32370

Price: 113.00

Corgi 43317 Plaxton Premiere 'Jetlink'

43317 Plaxton Premiere 'Jetlink'

Limited edition
REDUCED PRICE: was 18.00
Mint, box Mint

Ref: 35793

Price: 13.00

Matchbox 66c GMC Greyhound Bus

66c GMC Greyhound Bus

Clear windows
REDUCED PRICE: was 17.00
Fair, unboxed

Ref: 35239

Price: 12.00

Matchbox King Size K38-2 Dodge Ambulance

K38-2 Dodge Ambulance

AUCTION: Started at 32.00, NOW 25.00
Price will drop by 1.00 every 5 days
Excellent, unboxed

Ref: 32085

Price: 25.00

Matchbox King Size K82-1 BMW Motorcycle

K82-1 BMW Motorcycle

AUCTION: Started at 19.25, NOW 13.45
Price will drop by 5% every 5 days
Excellent, box Fair

Ref: 35939

Price: 13.45

Dinky 252 Bedford Refuse Wagon

252 Bedford Refuse Wagon

AUCTION: Started at 75.00, NOW 68.00
Price will drop by 1.00 every 5 days
Good, box Poor

Ref: 32294

Price: 68.00


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